Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Our employees are our strength.
Our reputation for quality is a function of our employees.


We will be responsive to the customer’s needs.  Kalman understands that change is necessary to arrive at the best product.  We will react to these changes in the most efficient and effective manner to meet new and emerging requirements.


In order to be responsive we must be flexible.  Flexibility is achieved through front end analysis to determine potential changes and continuous feedback to ascertain that a change may be required or is occurring.  By maintaining flexibility we will be more responsive, efficient, and effective ensuring quality, value, and customer satisfaction.


Kalman will always strive to offer the best value to the customer.  The center of gravity of any good business is repeat customers.  We recognize that customers will continue relationships with a business if they receive a quality product at a good value.


Kalman prides itself on hiring performance oriented professionals who have records of  consistent accomplishment.  We recognize that the strength of a service-oriented company is its employees.  Likewise, Kalman cultivates partnerships with like-minded companies that bring expertise not inherent to the company.  This combination of professional employees and partner companies ensures that Kalman & Company will deliver quality.

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